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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 25, 2016 3:38am-4:01am EDT

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>> all right. so a lot of people looking at their brackets updating them. >> i just want to let everyone know i'm four for four tonight. >> she's beating everyone in our brac challenge like everyone. >> it's my one shining moment. >> see what i did there. >> i see what did you there. you'll have many more. >> we'll see. >> you know what, speaking of shining moment let's recap our top story tonight. wildcats shooting better, rebounding better and passing better as a result they're headed to the elite eight for the third time since 2006. it was a clinic against miami. though out shot them they did everything nova making it happen as chris jenkins draining the three. wildcats shooting 66% from beyond the arc and watch them break the press. this is surgical. get in the.
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they win in convincing fashion 92-69 the final score. here's the head coach jay wright. >> with their intensity and it all comes from them. you know, you can just see they're hungry. they're hungry to advance. their hungry to prepare. it's all coming from them. it's really -- that's when you're a good team. when the players take over responsibility for all your core values you're a good team, it's daniel and arf the seniors everyone else buying and we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. we haven't played this well in any game this season. that's your goal. >> peeking at the right time. bawling. coming town tomorrow on cbs3 tomorrow actually is technically today. more basketball at 7:00 p.m. iowa state takes on virginia. then in the nightcap at 9:40 another late night for us, gonzaga against syracuse another great night of hoops right here on cbs3.
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also, in college hoops, published reports say that drexel has found their man. army head coach zach spic kerr is set to be named the new head coach of the dragons back in 2012 he led army to their first winning campaign in 28 years. they finish this season 19-14. let's go to the ice flyers out west taking on the of a ranch. keep doing it bro. the guy has five goals in march. doesn't any before this month. two-two flyers 19 seconds later in the third. the the captain claude giroux. 21st goal of the season the flyers go on to win, four to two. jessica i know you want to know. if the season ended today -- >> today right now. >> right now at this second the flyers are in the playoffs with second wild card spot. >> that's pretty good. >> that's good. keep it up fly guys. >> philadelphia on roll tonight. still ahead arc kangaroo on the loose. we'll tell where you this animal was hopping around and how police caught up with it.
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♪ well you might not believe what police caught hopping around in central iowa last night. it was a kangaroo. he was spotted hopping around businesses in norwalk, iowa. the kangaroo apparently escaped from his home where he is kept as a pet. >> what. >> here's a fun party fact for you. it is legal to have a kangaroo as a pet in iowa. apparently this kangaroo was recently sold and will be headed to a farm in nebraska. >> aww. >> hopefully lots of room for the kangaroo. >> what's homey's name. >> i don't know. >> hoppy. >> we'll be back. ♪
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>> thanks for staying up late with us much our morning team is back in just a few hours 4:30 to 7:00. for lauren, don everyone here i'm jessica dean. remember we're always on at cbs up next the late show with stephen colbert. tonight's guest is olivia mu inform inform. from our entire team, thanks for watching and have a great night. ♪
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>> there are ten locations throughout the san diego mountains. >> the l.a. county department of public works, which has paid half a million dollars to a cloud seeding contractor promising to make more rain. >> when you say the term cloud seeding, a lot of people think it is just hocus-pocus. >> this actually comes with a lot of science. >> cloud seeding works with silver iodide particles sprayed into a saturated cloud and act like a nucleus that is water vapor that freezes into ice. once the ice is heavy enough it falls and melts to become rain. is it wishful thinking. >> it is wishful thinking. >> gram stevens studies clouds and weather system for nasa. >> does cloud seeding work?
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>> it has been shown under certain circumstances it works very marginal way. difficult to prove how much increase has occurred. >> l.a. county officials insist they can get up to 15% more rainfall with no health risks. >> do people have to worry that their water systems may be contaminated from cloud seeding? >> absolutely not. cloud seeding is safe. >> how much more water do you think you can get out of the clouds? >> based on the 50 year study. 1.5 million gallons a year. >> that would be a welcome site in southern california's depleted reservoirs. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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elvis presley scored a big hit with "viva las vegas." these days the vegas strip seems to be turning its back on the king. john blackstone reports. ♪ one for the money two for the show three to get ready now go, cat, go ♪ >> reporter: for decade the las vegas strip. ♪ rocket man has been home to some of the biggest acts in entertainment. today performers like celine dion, jlo and britney play shows
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for weeks bringing crowd and cash to sin city. for that, they can say thanks to elvis. ♪ ♪ elvis really set the stage for artists to come to las vegas at the peek of their career and play extended period of time. we have so many artists that have followed. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: when elvis sang viva las vegas in his 1964 movie it became the city's unofficial theme song. ♪ viva las vegas >> reporter: the king's persona became a symbol of the city's excess. but he hasn't been here for 40 years. >> oh, i have had some elvis sightings recently. >> the former las vegas mayor and his wife, prefer to be driven by elvis on special occasions. >> people would come to las va gas to hear elvis presley.
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he had a phenomenal influence on our community. his influence inspired so many impersonators that long after his death in 1977 it seemed hard to believe that elvis was gone. ♪ your kiss will lift me >> reporter: recently there are signs that vegas is leaving elvis behind. >> thank you very much. who is -- there is a time when there will be one or two elvises left. >> officiating vegas weddings as elvis for seven years. this year, business is way down. >> we have 15% of our weddings elvis. a year ago, doing 40%. >> pretty steep. >> that isn't the only place the elvis brand appears to be all shook up. the viva elvis show was canceled in 2012 after a relatively short run.
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elvis museum exhibit closed last month because of poor attendance and ongoing lawsuit. on the vegas strip, there are only two all elvis themed shows still playing. the star of this one at planet hollywood is energetic. audience enthusiastic. elvis fans aren't as young as they used to be. >> with the nightclubs and day clubs. you are seeing a younger crowd atacted to las vegas. the notion that you see elvis impersonator thousands up and down the strip is inaccurate. >> the younger crowd isn't looking back. neither is las vegas. mobsters are preserved in the mob museum. the liberacci museum, dedicated to a man a fix chur in vegas has closed. the only place with show girls in vegas on oscar goodman's arms. in a city so anxious to move into the future it routinely implode its past.
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it may be surprising elvis lasted as long as he did. >> you miss him. nobody could take his place. right now. we replaced him with the people, finger on the record. i don't know what you call it, t ain't elvis presley, that's for damn sure. >> reporter: rest assured there remains those here that say while elvis may have left the building, he'll never leave vegas. ♪ viva las vegas >> john blackstone, las vegas. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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a lot of restaurants and grocery stores are donating in used food to help the needy. in england, jonathan vigliotti found that sandwich shops are donating their unused bread to the local brewery. >> so here is the brewery. >> reporter: inside the craft brewery in hackney, good old-fashioned beer paired up with another classic ingredient. >> always, four ends. >> reporter: bread. >> always described as liquid bread, isn't it. bread made out of grains, yeast, baked. beer is maude oin out of grains yeast, and heavily liquid. >> in the hands of the two partners, unused bread is getting a second chance at life. each bottle of --
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slice of the bread no one eats. and sandwich makers throw tons of fresh heels away, which got him thinking. >> throwing away 13,000 slices of fresh bread every single day of operations. the way we're doing it, that's 13,000 bottles of beer that could come out of the factory every single day. >> stewart is ate global food waste activist. one third of the world's food goes to waste every year. bread is among the worst offenders. and in the uk, 44% of perfectly good bread is tossed. now, that waste is going to good use. >> smells like beer. >> took us on a tour of the brew house to show us how toast is made. collected. weighed. directly from sandwich shops. after boiling the brew which
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killed any bacteria. the recipe of bred, hops, maumt, yeast take several days to ferment. with taste tests conduct add long the way. >> i can drink it? >> yeah. >> tow kay. >> pretty much. >> very yeasty. >> the yeah. >> ha-ha-ha. >> that is a bad beer. >> toasts take six days to full leel mature. and the final product. >> unique flavor is bottled and sold with proceeds going to stewart's organization. >> we want to kick off a global craft brewing revolution at the same time kicking off food waste revolution.
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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, march 25th, 2016. this is the "cbs mornig news." the hunt continues for the remaining brussels attackers while belgian officials admit they missigned tuesday's terror attacks. >> you mess with my wife and my kids that will do it every time. donald, you're a coward and leave heidi alone. >> ted cruz takes a shot at donald trump as a twitter war over the candidates' wives escalates. >> garry shandling, the comedian who


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